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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oat Biscuits

I have returned from a wonderful break in the Cotswolds. If you're not from England and don't know where that is, Google it - seriously worth it. It's the sort of place where time stands still and is the picture perfect version of what you expect England to look like (aside from red double decker buses and tea). Although there is plenty of tea drinking to be done whilst eating the traditional English cream tea. Confused? This is a cream tea . . .

 Image found here

Needless to say we overindulged  - big time. I declared in the car that I needed a detox. Not the kind of detox involving weird combinations of fruit/veg drinks but just a few days away from cheese, creme and wine. That of course lasted all of 5 minutes when I returned home to find an opened block of goats cheese - smelling slightly suspect . . . .so what to do  . . .aha a goats cheese and sun dried tomato chutney tart.

Ok one minor slip. Unavoidable though - cannot waste good cheese right?

Then tonight, I had a sudden urge for something sweet and substantial. My cupboards are bare, since my supermarket shop was in 'detox mode'. Luckily I had some oats, golden syrup, flour, butter and milk and managed to rustle up some giant oat biscuits. Recipe found here.

So easy to make, it's almost rude not too . . . .

Friday, 8 April 2011

Twist and Shout

Glorious weather here today. My final assignment is handed in. I have a rehearsal tonight and concert tomorrow. It feels like Summer and although I have a mountain of uni work to do between now and July; I do have a spring in my step.

This is my current Summer track that I'm listening to on repeat. I just love the Mamas and Papas version.

Picture from here

I am so in the mood for folkloric dresses and Summer festivals . . . enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Vintage Suitcases

So these are the vintage suitcases I was talking about yesterday. There is one medium, one small and a vanity case. Inside the lining is a padded satin peach - just beautiful. A really lovely storage solution that's way more appealing than Ikea boxes. I cannot wait to put them to good use in the new house . . .

Can anyone tell what era they are? Is it 60's? 50's? 

Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Green Skirt that wasn't meant to be . . .

OK so I should be knuckling down and writing the literature review for my assignment but I am writing this instead because I have to get something off my chest . . .

Anyone who knows me can tell you I love the colour green and knee length swooshy skirts. I love other things too but they aren't relevant here.

Today I went to the vintage flea in the custard factory with Sara from Birdie Blue and within two minutes Sara spotted a girl holding a pleated bottle green skirt - so me. Like I say anyone who knows me can tell you . . .

I spend the next 10 minutes hovering like a mad stalker sending mental thoughts to PUT THE SKIRT DOWN but alas she bought it. I then pinned her to the ground whilst Sara grabbed the skirt and we did a runner  mooched around and snapped up 3 vintage egg blue suitcases for £14. Which incidentally someone inquired about just after I had bought them. What goes around comes around . . . perhaps said people are venting on there very own blog right now about losing out on some super vintage suitcases . . .

Has anything like this happened to you? what's your biggest non-purchase?

Yep very materialistic and shallow and I need to get a grip. Will post pictures of the suitcases soon. They are in the boot of my car and it's raining here so it will have to wait. Instead have a look at some other vintage suitcases being put to good use.

(Picture found at )

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Singer Treadle Sewing Machine/ Coffee Table With a Difference

Ever since I went to Krakow and visited a bar that had treadle sewing machines as their drinks tables I knew I had to have one. I just think they are so beautiful and a quirky alternative to a coffee or side table. However I had nowhere to put one which was a real shame because at that point they were going for only £25 on ebay.

Image found at

Fast forward a few years and I am soon going to have the space to own one, but they are being sold at around £150 pounds. I was chatting to Sara about this and she pointed out to me a second hand/ antique furniture shop in Kings Heath that had one. So about 30 minutes before we were going pottery painting we popped in to have a look. I'm not really sure what happened next  . . . heart pounding, palpitations, loss of common sense, temporary deafness . . . . but minutes later it was mine for only £55. I didn't even think how to get it into my car . . . luckily Fiestas have surprisingly roomy boots and Jude is freakishly strong.

It is not in the best condition but to me it is perfect with it's original cover and manual . . .*sigh* . . .

I'm actually surprised I managed any pottery painting that afternoon since I was so giddy with excitement!

Here it is the 1932 beauty that will soon become my side/ coffee table.

In the corner until we move house with temporary fabric feet to protect the floor.

Original manual.

The details . . . 

But wait there is more! This is not the first antique Singer sewing machine I own . . . . installment 2 to follow!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Childrens Books from Long Ago

One of my favourite books as a child was A Christmas Card by Paul Theroux. I remeber buying it WHSmiths with my Mum and we were looking getting the other one in the display called London Snow but the cover was damaged. It is only until know that I have got round to ordering it. Unfortunately it's out of print now but I have managed to get it very easily from Amazon.


This then got me thinking about other books I enjoyed as a child. Here are some of my favourites . . . do you remember any of these?



Lastly the illustrations by Jill Barklem in the Brambly Hedge series are amazing, so much detail and imagination. Beautiful!

What are your favourite children's books?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Tutu on NYE

Finally I get round to writing a blog post . . .

It's only one photo - more were taken but they weren't the most flattering . . . A while ago I tweeted and  facebooked about ordering a net petticoat/crinoline. I actually got it from amazon in the fancy dress section and it is huge! However this thick wool skirt manages to tame it down. So here you are, finally it's been worn on New Years Eve. The other thing worth getting excited about is the flower in my hair. It's from Forever 21 and cost me a fiver. It's perfect because it's on an Alice band so it stays put all night - Even when playing Twister. Yes I played Twister in a full net tutu . . . .

I Hope you all had a great New Years Eve and wishing everyone much happiness in 2011!